6 rules for this party season

Party season is here and we all are geared up for it. You have already shortlisted the best party place in your city and ready to start the new year with a bang. There are some things which we always keep in mind while getting into this party mode. But do we all really follow it? Well, I would say we try to keep track of all the things which should not go wrong for the last day of this year and the best way to make sure is keeping a list handy. So here is what you need to keep in mind before you leave your house for the biggest party of this year.

  1. Check the dress-code

All the new years party venues have a strict dress code and you should not forget to make sure you follow it, I know we all have a look set in our heads for this day, but it’s best to keep it to the dress code mentioned in the invite. Most of the places have a formal evening wear dress code, so I am sure you are sorted for it. We all love to dress up this day and a stylish dinner jacket with a sleek shirt and trousers would works the best.


2. Experiment

Even though we know that there is a strict dress code, that doesn’t mean you cant play around a bit. Play with some prints or color block your attire. It doesn’t have to be a closed collar event always, loosen up that top button and keep it casual with the shirt. Play with colors as well, like here if I am doing a full black look, I am adding a pop of color with this burgundy velvet evening jacket. Also with the shirts, opt for a different choice.Like here, I am wearing a black lace shirt which is classy yet different and adds a whole lot of charm to the entire outfit. It’s impactful yet not on the face.

3. Keep those mane tamed

Hair plays an important part in this party look. An out of bed look won’t work with this outfit so make sure to clean up. You can choose any of these two routes. Either go for a sleek and smart look with hair pulled back yet have some volume to it. You can use the hair wax/gel which suits your hair and finish it up with a hair spray to keep them intact. Or the second route where you keep it natural and a bit casual to have a bad boy look with the formals you are wearing. Use a bit of matte clay and gently stroke your hair with your fingers keeping it natural. Remember not to use any comb, just keep it natural yet in control.

4. Go dark

This is a lesson learnt from my own experience in one of the new years party some years back. You can get so drunk at the end that when you wake up next morning, your while shirt is not white anymore. So take it from me and don’t wear lighter shades. Black or darker shades is surely a much sexier choice as well as it makes you look more sleeker (body wise too).


5. Keep some clothes handy

We know that party won’t stop till morning and we will definitely be hopping from one party to another. Or may be heading to a house party later. So keep a shirt or a tee handy in your car. you never know what or who spill the drink on you on that dance floor.

6. Party Smart

Yes, last but not least, actually the most important one. Before heading out, make sure to take party smart. You don’t want to wake up on new years with a bad hangover and a faint memory of what happened last night. Also, keep some protection handy in the wallet, keep it safe if you are getting lucky 😉

I am hoping you will follow these rules and making this new year a memorable and stylish one. Ping me with your questions if any and I would be happy to help. I wish you guys a healthy and sexy new year. Stay stylish :)


Outfit details:

Trouser- Park Avenue

Shirt – Zara

Watch- Byron Bond

Shoes- Bata

Photography by Vidit Jain

Location Courtesy- 11 31 Indiranagar

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