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A ditsy printed shirt is available in every fashion brand these days and we men love to have them in our wardrobe. And then we go on and team it up with our basic denims. How boring and safe, isn’t it? Surely it’s better to just stick with what you know and keep the print you’ve chosen anchored but what is it that we are doing is new. We all have seen print clash trend on the runways and those who haven’t, must have seen their favorite actor sporting it at some point of time on screen. The print clash trend comes into its own in the (supposedly) sunny days of summer, as the brash colors and shapes can withstand the brightest of sun-rays. There are of course subtle ways to wear the look – a colorful motif overlaid on a background of graphic checks or stripes, for example, are perhaps the most office-appropriate versions. But when it comes to pattern, this season fortune favors the bold. Before jumping into your closet and go for any prints and patterns, there are some pointers to how to master the art of pattern mixing. Here I will show you how I styled my printed shirt by Green Hill Garment which I absolutely love.


The key is to make sure each pattern is a different size to avoid people going cross eyed when they look at you. But overall, it’s a creative way to breathe new life into an ordinarily traditional look. If you are new to mixing patterns then simply keep things in the same pattern. For example, stripes on stripes or checks on checks. The key here is to make sure that with each new pattern that you add to the look, the width or size of the pattern is different to what has gone before. But we are taking a step ahead and notch above the basics. In this case, I paired this bird printed shirt with a paisleys pattern trouser. The reason both goes well together is because of the size of both the prints. The birds are scattered and big whereas the paisleys are intricate.


Prints from head to toe is not easy. taking the pattern to toe is a bit tricky. Keep it muted and tan. The reason these prints work together is because of the neutral shades as well. If you mix some bright colors in this look, you will surely look like a peacock and that’s not a compliment. The tan espadrilles with snake print loos super cool and balances the greys and blues.


Basic accessories looks the best. Taking hints from the trouser, add a bit of blue pairing the right sun-glass and a metal watch. The versatility of a grey shirt is that it looks good with any sort of accessories. A perfect casual outfit for a sunny day out.


The final way to pattern match is one for the more advanced – just throw caution to the wind and don’t get too matchy matchy!

Use colours that complement each other, rather than in the same family, like a pink striped shirt with a navy check sports jacket. This season is going to be about expressing yourself and seeing just how much you can get away with whilst still looking put together and stylish.

So experiment! Have some fun with it. If this summer is all about prints on prints on prints, why not try out patterns on patterns on patterns as well? The only true golden rule is the first – vary the size of the pattern – otherwise you’ll look like a squiggly mess.


–Outfit Details–

Shirt- Green Hill Garment

Trousers- Zara

Shoes- H&M

Sunglasses- Lenskart

Watch- French Connection

Photography- Vidit Jain Clicks

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