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It’s been there since fitness came into the scene and it will be there till sports and fashion will go hand in hand. It started with mixing different pieces of sportstyle and fashion and became one of the biggest trends to try. It doesn’t really matter if you play sports or not, if you’re fit as a fiddle or your hobbies involve sitting down for long periods of quasi-hibernation. In fact, the sports element is pretty much academic, but including it gives us the opportunity to make up completely new words – like ‘athleisure’ – that are really fun to say. From gym to office to college everyone is sporting Athleisure and it looks cool doesn’t it. But still I am sure thousands of us wonder how to nail this trend by not looking over the top and nor spending much as well. It can be a minefield out there: one wrong choice can see your outfit laughed out of whatever trendy, forsaken saké bar you’ve found yourself in. So here are the five key pieces you need to nail this trend and how.


  1. Track Jackets

The simplest of all to start with, have a track jacket ready with you if you want to try it out in this season. Perfect for light winters, its much needed and layering would help to keep you away from the chill. Try to look for a light one and not too heavy padded ones to have that cool vibe going on in the outfit. Lightweight fabric. Mesh panels. Breathable, everyday-wearable jacket should be the key points when you look for a jacket. You can always choose a cardigan over a bomber as it’s all about mix and match.

2. Graphic Tee/ Sweatshirt

This we all have in our wardrobe and the most simplest of the oufit. The catch here is to look for the right one. Keeping in mind the modern school varsity tees and not the loud graphic ones. Always opt for neutrals if you cant think of the right color. Blues will be the right pick as well.


3. Tailored Joggers

These tend to come in two iterations: the everyday tapered jogger and the ‘I am ready to run a goddamn marathon’ slimline jogger. The difference might not seem extremely obvious, but it’s all in the material. More than gym , we use these joggers in our daily life. From daily chores to pub hopping, you will see guys sporting them and hey they look damn cool. Also remember not to dress them down when it comes to athleisure. Try out with the right jackets and not the loose basket ball tees.


4. Running Trainers

Forget the running trainers with all that technology jazz, the fact is that people not only want the trainers they can run in but they also want to be able to wear them everyday. These trainers are not only worn with sportstyle but I have also shown you how to wear them with formal trousers or suits as well. Versatile and comfy, you got it all when you invest in one good trainer.

5. The Sporty Watch

It might be a small accessory but plays such an important role. With so many sporty watches all over the market, why not to try one with athleisure trend. G Shock is one good example of such watches and goes best with this trend. I chose a blazing red one with my monochrome outfit.


With more and more of us being guilted into the gym, it makes sound economic sense that we’d start introducing more workout garb into our everyday attire. Luckily – when styled correctly – it also looks sharp. So just try out this combination, no need to spend more and one new trend comes out of the closet just with a bit of mix and match. Weekend is here and would love to see you all style in the best atleisure looks. Let me know how it goes. Till then have a leisurely weekend :)


Outfit Details:

Complete look and Watch – Lifestyle Stores

Photography- Vidit Jain


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