Baggage Alert ft 2AM by Anjali & Meha

It’s just a Bag. Well, when did you last hear this phrase? I am pretty sure not in the recent years. Gone are the days when bags were just a utility based products. I remember when we used to go bag shopping and look for the one which solve all our purposes. I am sure today as well we look at multi purpose bags but now it’s not just that. Keeping all the ‘big pockets’, ‘big storage’, ‘the basic color’ aside, it’s all about the style we look for first. With so many options available in the market for each and every occasion, a man’s bag is no lesser than the over-hyped woman’s handbags. Yes we men need it  too as much as women need it (no pun intended).

Whether you’re heading away on a weekend break, just staying over at a friend’s house for a few days or your everyday work, your bag matters. Not only do you want to transport your belongings in something stylish, but it needs to stand up to the trials of modern living. With a whole range of options available on the market, from more sturdy leather/non leather structures to malleable foldaway alternatives, it’s important that your bag delivers in terms of both aesthetics and performance.

Something on the same lines is offered by this new emerging  brand called 2AM by Anjali and Meha. Sleek designs and impeccable quality, that’s what you get from the accessories they offer for men’s. The best part about this brand is individuality. They don’t believe in mass production and what you see on the site is available in limited numbers. It’s like the bag is made especially just for you. From their wide range, I chose two very different bags which I would love to carry. Let me show you these two favorites of mine.

  1. The Modern Work Bag

I prefer calling it this, because it is more than just a laptop bag. Yes, laptop is what it is made for but who doesn’t want to carry it otherwise as well. The sleek make and the color combination is perfect for an alpha male. Definitely a star at work, this briefcase version of a laptop bag is a must have. With multiple colors available in this category, do check them all out and make sure you own one right now. From your Monday blue collar formals to  Friday smart casuals, this goes with everything. And, Black and tan, always a knock out.


2. The Satchel

Satchels and messengers are my favorite. They are little risky category too. Get it wrong, and you risk looking like an emo teenager at a My Chemical Romance gig, but get it right, and you’re on the fast track to Mr Ripley levels of preppy. It’s classic, practical and masculine – it takes you back to a time when life was a lot simpler. For a simple day out with friends on a weekend to casual meetings with clients, this piece is as versatile as it gets. Pairing it with a right attire is also important. Keep it casual and simple and you are good to go. When worn across the body, it’s a true design classic. This color combination of blue and tan is a modern man’s first choice.


You own these two and you are sorted for most of the attires and occasions. Though do check out the other bags offers by 2AM. A quick tip, when purchasing, keep both form and function at the forefront of your mind. The perfect bag will complement the majority of your existing wardrobe and hold a day’s worth of essentials securely. On this note, keep your baggage sexy and have a happy week ahead :)

Outfit details:

Bags by 2AM by Anjali and Meha

Look 1- Shirt- Vogue Republica, Trousers- Mr Button, Shoes- Puma, Watch- Fossil, Sunglass- Zara

Look 2- Shirt- Zara, Trousers- Custom made, Shoes- Jack&Jones, Watch- Fossil

Photography by Vidit Jain

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