Derby Style ft Kingfisher ultra Derby 2016

It’s been almost a month I attended the Kingfisher Ultra Derby in Bangalore but the memories of that day are still alive. If you want to witness class and panache in Bangalore, this is the place to be. From the elite crowd of the city to the fashionable ones, I saw it all. And of course the smell of money. From millionaires to the rickshaw wala’s of Bangalore, everyone was thinking of only one thing that day which is the “moolah”.

As per the Kingfisher World Derby, it is India’s original, extravagant sports party and a 25-year-old tradition. Since the first race in 1988, the Kingfisher Derby has built a rich and enviable heritage, growing to be the highest stakes horse race in India. While the horse race is at the heart of the spectacle, there are many luxurious aspects of the Kingfisher Derby. The glamorous pre-event parties, the gorgeous fashionistas, and the flowing ‘spirits’ have become integral to the identity of the event. Every year, legions of Kingfisher Derby fans look forward to observing these storied rituals leading up to the actual race itself.


The race has an inevitable appeal for the celebrity set. The rich and famous that mingle among the Derby Day crowd add a unique dimension to the spectacle of the Derby. The thundering hooves of 15 thoroughbreds, the roaring crowd, the crackling excitement, the cheers of the victorious. Everything that the Good Times stands for, at one premium event.

Well, I am not at all a betting person and I was just there to witness the whole event as it was a first timer for me. And I did what I do best. Being fashionable and set some trends at this premium event. Yes there is a dress code which you have to follow. For women it’s all about playing with some nice evening gowns paired with the best hats. And for men it’s about taking out their best suit and look dapper as ever. And when it comes to me, I definitely wanted to have a standout combination. Here is what I wore at this premium event.


When smart formals is the dress code, how can I just wear a suit and go. I love experimenting and mix and match is my favorite trend to try. So here as well I did the same with my outfit and played with some colors and prints. A navy blue blazer is a staple piece in every guys wardrobe and I wanted to tweak how we wear it. The best way is to pair it with a contrasting color. I chose something which most of us men run from, Pink. And wearing a pink trouser is not an easy task. I know I am pretty comfortable with this color and do not shy away from wearing it. Now you will say a pink shirt is okay but a pink trouser? Well yes. It’s not easy but still not impossible. Pairing it with a basic color and neutrals, this can actually work. And hence this outfit for the day.


Just to balance the pink trousers, I tried the printed floral tie which has the shades of pink as well. I know it could have been left at home and I would have just the pink trousers shine, but I still gave it a try and I guess it worked. I am sure lot of people would think its a bit too much but when it’s a day event and fashion is on your mind, I would say go ahead and try it. A plain white shirt to keep the base simple and let these colors to pop out. try the retro shades as it screams uber fashion and keep the watch simple. I love metal watches and that’s what I wore. With such combination oxfords works the best. I wore my Classe Italiana black oxfords to complete the look.


With Kingfisher sponsoring the event, how is it possible not to have some unlimited alcohol pouring. I got the chance to be at VVIP area and witness the race from there while sipping the super yummy Ultra. The rush of watching the race in style is just something else altogether. Though I did prefer the view at the VIP area where you are just in fromt of the race course and see the entire action closely.


So that was my sunday like some one month back. I know I am too late to post this one, but for me it’s not about the event. It’s all about fashion and men who dare to wear colors which as per the “society” is not meant for them. I hope you enjoyed this post and will at least try pink and florals without giving a damn about what others think. If you do, please share the images with me. Till then, I am signing off and you guys have an awesome weekend.


–Outfit Details–

Blazer- Zara

Trousers- MrButton

Shirt- Celio

Shoes- Classe Italiana

Sunglasses- Pataaka

Tie- Koovs

Watch- French Connection

Photography- Vidit Jain Clicks 

Location Courtesy- Kingfisher Ultra Derby 2016, Bangalore Turf Club


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