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Flower Power

Floral print is a spring/summer trend that makes sense. Albeit something of a cliche, it’s a predictable explosion of flowers and colour timed to complement the heralding of the new season, both in nature and fashion. Once solely a female staple, over the last few years the trend has crossed into menswear at both designer and high street level. Men have lapped up big tropical motifs or more delicate paisley prints in holiday-friendly brights or more sombre palettes for back home.Yet what usually ends around now, autumn, has not only carried on, but morphed into a new type of floral. Wasn’t this once the season of grey days and long dark nights? Not anymore.

Call it fashion’s answer to global warming, or the rise of Instagram fashion, but these days it doesn’t matter what season it is, so long as you’re making a statement. And this year, flowers are giving us men the style power to make it through the darker months…


It’s fall so, not surprisingly, a lot of floral collections collide with blacks and other muted tones. Layering means florals are more likely to play bass to the rhythm of a winter overcoat, rather than taking centre stage. If you still fancy a few floral statement-makers, then this front panel jacket is one of the pieces you should own. In such cases, the neutrals works the best. This grey jacket is perfect for the day as well as night. I tried to go for very minimal look with this one.

Shot in the beautiful city of Ooty and the Nilgiris, this jacket was perfect to shoot in this setting. As it wasn’t very cold in the day time, I paired it with my Koovs vest and ripped Zara denims. The Jack and Jones boots adds that edge to this look. The stripes breaks the monotony of grey and black and complements the floral pattern.



The idea of men in flowers no longer raises eyebrows. We have to thank the late, great fashion designer John Stephen – “the King of Carnaby” – for turning the seemingly impossible into a reality. Since then, the idea of blooms in menswear has become a much less controversial idea. Also thanks to Burberry Prorsum’s AW14 collection which explored the worlds of painters Ben Nicholson, Christopher Wood, Lucian Freud and Duncan Grant. Rich William Morris-style leaves that look like they’ve been taken from the walls of Oscar Wilde’s bedroom were applied to everything from shirts and coats to accessories.


–Outfit Details–

Jacket- Locomotive Clothing

Vest- Koovs Man

Trousers- ZARA

Watch- Timberland

Sunglasses- Ray Ban

Shoes- Jack and Jones

Photography- Rishul Batra

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So here I am signing off in the beautiful Nilgiris and you give some power to your style this week with some floral prints. Till then, Stay Stylish!!

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