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With our busy life and hectic schedules, all of us are stuck in a mundane life where we follow a set routine and live like a robot. Wake up, dress your best, give 100% at work (or not), head to the gym, then home, eat and sleep. I am sure lot of us are going through this but still don’t look for a solution to end this problem.

Problem? Yes. It surely is a problem. Getting stuck to one schedule makes our minds numb and the reduces our productivity. I am not sure how much we can change the the way we work at our workplace but yes a bit of changes in the way we workout can definitely help. With fancy gyms every corner, we get enrolled and set a time to get this body back in shape. I am not against gyms at all, I myself love gyms and it feels great to pump that iron and see yourself transforming from fat to fit (if done with full dedication). But sometimes I do feel that those colorful walls and posters of fit bodybuilders all over traps you and makes you follow the path set by trainers. I believe working out is not just for transforming your body, it’s all about keeping a healthy heart, mind and soul. What about those days where we used to workout in open area surrounded by greens and fresh air. I might sound old fashion while talking about that era but it’s nothing to do with age. I strongly feel working out in open in fresh air from time to time keeps you motivated and fresh. Why do we still see our grandparents healthy and running? They didn’t have anything else than those desi akhadas and everyone couldn’t afford them. Most of them were used to a walk in the park with some basic exercises. When we get so excited trying the retro fashion why not try the retro way of working out?

So my today’s post is all about working out in open. Hey, I am no workout pro but with my little experience in gymming I can talk about the basic exercises which keeps you fit. These body weight workouts are the best and not just me but all the fitness experts pushes their clients to try them. It’s all about just getting up a bit early take out an hour from your busy life and feel fresh and fit in a natural way.

  1. Stretch

Before any workout, stretching is a must. Stretching can help improve flexibility, and, consequently, range of motion in your joints. Better flexibility may improve your performance in physical activities or decrease your risk of injuries by helping your joints move through their full range of motion and enabling your muscles to work most effectively. Basic stretches as shown below are stretching your arms, back, legs and shoulders. Try these 3-4 times before any workout.


2. Stepper- Warm up

Very simple and effective. Just use your stairs and go up and down on two stairs and do it for 25 reps. Increase the intensity by doing it faster once comfortable. It’s a good warm up and helps you prepare your heart for an increase in activity, preventing a rapid increase in blood pressure.


3. Push ups

Every guy knows that push ups are the most basic and most important of all. Push-ups are one of the oldest and most basic of exercises for a simple reason. They work. The exercise positions all the muscles in our upper body and builds optimal strength in the forearms, shoulders, chest. And for the ladies, they will “get rid of the jig” by targeting the upper arms. For a pro in gym, its not a tough task, but for a newbie it can get tough as getting your body down to the floor and then get it up can get a bit tough. The position is simple. Get on the floor as shown below, keep your hands and legs shoulder width apart, Push down your chest keeping your lower parallel to the floor and come up slowly to the start position. For those it’s tough to do, try it on a wall with same position. There are multiple variations of push ups. I am trying here the decline push ups which works for your upper chest. You can try this with elevating your legs on a upper surface instead the floor. But start with the flat push ups if you are not comfortable with this one. Do 3 sets of this with 10-15 reps.


4. Jumping Squats

Legs are the foundation of our body and in order to keep running we need to give extra importance to them. Not only do they build muscle and strength in the quadriceps, hamstrings and calves, they also create the ideal environment throughout the entire body. Naturally releasing testosterone and growth hormone, squats provide a highly anabolic environment for all other areas to grow when trained. Keep hands behind your head, legs shoulder width apart and go down till you take a seated position. Come up and jump to the max, and then repeat. Try this exercise with 10 reps for 3 sets every day.


5. Tricep Dips

Dips are intense and effective isolation exercises that help develop powerful and defined triceps. They can be performed on a machine at the gym or at home on a step; both methods use your body weight as resistance. When out in open, try it with either a bench or stairs as shown below. Triceps take over ¾ th of your arms and a bigger and toned triceps surely makes those guns look big. Try triceps dips 10-15 reps 3 sets every day and increase as per comfort level. Well which guys doesn’t want a fotted tee on their arms. So get on to this one and keep pushing.


6. Run

Last but not the least, Run. You have worked out on your entire body and the best way to burn some fat now is by running. Start with a jog for a week and increase your speed as per your comfort level. Do it for 10 mins for a week and increase next week. Once you are done with running, stretch again to get rid of sore muscles if any.


While we all workout to look our best, what you wear to a workout session also matters. Keep you shoes comfortable and light so it’s easy to move around. Joggers and a sleeveless tee is perfect for an outside workout. I opted for a white sleeveless tee and a blue jogger by MrButton. It’s casual and can also be worn even when you are not working out. Just try this combo with a leather jacket and it’s a perfect street style look.


So that was my workout take on how to stay fit with these simple exercises outside gym. There are lot of simple workouts which can be tried other than these. The next workout post will surely have other points covered and I hope you will enjoy it. Till then, keep working out and stay fit :)

–Outfit Details–

Tank top and Joggers by Mr Button

Shoes- Adidas Originals

Jacket- Celio

Watch- Tommy Hilfiger

Photography- Vidit Jain Clicks

Location Courtesy- Cubbon Park

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