LFW Day 5 with Tailorman

Lakme Fashion Week have always been my favorite event to attend. With new emerging talents to witness and fashion all around, you just cannot have a dull day. I attended four days of fashion week and as usual had planned my outfits for all the four days. Before I take you through the outfits of first three days, I am talking about my favorite look of the entire event which I saved for the end. Very few brands personifies what my personal style is all about and Tailorman is surely one of them.

Tailorman believes that clothes should be made to fit no matter what size you are. With me being too particular about how my clothes fit me, they gave me a perfect suit which was made to measure as per my size. With its Made-to-measure and Ready-to-wear section, Tailorman aims to create a niche for itself in today’s retail environment by providing its customers with quality garments at affordable prices.An ideal suit should sit on your shoulders perfectly, should not be long to look like a trench and should fit your body good enough to close the first button. With multiple options available in fabrics and prints, I chose what is immaculate for a Sunday.

You can never go wrong with a Linen and Cotton mix suit. Specially at the fashion week, when there are shows to attend back to back, you need something which is comfortable and easy to move around. Linen suits in earthy, pale colors are a great idea for summer weddings and other dressed-up, outdoor affairs. They’re cool, comfortable, and gentlemanly. You just need to be careful of one thing: looking like a literal sack of potatoes. Linen is a fabric that will rumple and stretch out the second you call your Uber, so the cut and fit of the suit is everything.


This particular suit I picked from Tailorman not only has a soothing light blue color, but its half lining keeps you breezy all day long. With its semi structured construction which is inspired by North Italy, the softer interlining and pads allows the natural shoulder lines to show. I paired the suit with a light colored printed shirt to keep the tones on pastel side. Also the most interesting part of the look was to pair a suit with leather sandals. The sandals and suit combination was apt for a rainy Sunday outfit. You can try this look on a beach wedding or a pool party as week. Keep the accessories minimal with a sleek leather watch and a leather wristband.


So this was my look for the closing day of fashion week, exactly the way I wanted it to be. This suit is a must have in your wardrobe, pair it with a crisp white shirt and a tie and you are ready for a business meeting. Or wear it with a black slim fit shirt and sharp monks and you re good to go for a Saturday night party. It’s important to have a suit in your wardrobe which is as versatile as this one. So go ahead and check out the Tailorman stores or their website for an amazing range of suits and shirts. Till then, have a dapper weekend :)


Outfit details:

Suit by Tailorman

Shirt- Custom Made

Sandals by Kaka Sumi

Watch by Daniel Wellington

Location- The St. Regis, Mumbai

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