Men’s grooming : Zoivane Men face Scrub review

Your grooming regime rests on the twin pillars of cleanse and moisturize. But there are some issues that need a more comprehensive approach. Face scrubs dig deeper; with the ability to absorb impurities, unclog pores and mop up excess oil, it’s time to man up, slap on and refresh your that skin.

A face scrub for men is one of the best products you can use in your arsenal of weapons for clear, healthy skin. The point of using face scrub (or often called an exfoliator), is to remove dead skin cells that build up on the face and clogging the pores. Your skin cells turnover about every two weeks, meaning, your face has new skin cells every two weeks. Your face doesn’t shed the dead skin cells very well and over time, the dead skin cell build up can cause your face to look dull. The solution is to use a men’s face scrub to clear away the build up and show off a polished face.

When Zoivane Men approached me with their newly launched range of men’s grooming products, I thought let’s give it a try. I am very particular about the face products and stick to one or two brands for my daily grooming regime. So I agreed to try their face scrub after I came to know it was made of all natural ingredients and contains Almonds and Neem as well. Almonds are a great way of controlling your skin.They can be a rich source of energy after consumption, and also can be used to acquire a natural skin without side effects. You might have heard about the almond oil, which makes your skin smooth and soft naturally. This rich in protein and fiber food can help you in acquiring amazing results when applied on skin. And hence I gave Zoivane Men Natural Daily scrub a try and here is what i feel about this product and some tips on how to use it.


As I spoke about goodness of almonds above, a face scrub is is an easy to use product which brings with it a host of benefits that will help keep your skin in tip top condition, ultimately, we want to look our best. A face scrub has a lot of benefits and the first and most important for a man is Improving the shave.

The list of shaving benefits from using a face scrub is mightily impressive. As well as simply cleaning your skin prior to shaving, an exfoliator will remove the dead skin cells that clog up your razor (improving razor glide), lift tough beard hairs (again improving razor glide), as well as removing and preventing nasty ingrown hairs. A true multi-tasking shaving essential.


In simple steps here is how to use Zoivane’s face scrub.

First select a face scrub on the basis of your skin type. Zoivane has two skin types available- Dry to normal skin (I recommend only using a man’s face scrub no more than once a week) and Oily to normal skin (you have the luxury of being able to scrub your face one to three times a week without negative consequence). Once you decide on your skin type, take a table spoon of powdered scrub and mix it with either rose water or milk. I chose milk as benefits of milk and almond together are infinite and it also acts as a skin lightening soluble.


Once you have the mixture ready, just gently apply it on your face and make a layer. Let it dry for some time and once it dries up just gently massage your face for a minute or two. This will open up your pores and allow the goodness of milk and scrub to make the skin cleaner and smoother. After massage, wash your face with cold water. Make sure to apply a toner after washing the face to close the open pores.


One of the best thing of Zoivane’s face scrub is that it can act as a face wash as well. First by wetting your skin with warm water before applying a small amount of scrub to your fingertips. In small circular motions, apply the product to your whole face, paying particular attention to areas of concern (T-section, area to be shaved). Then simply rinse off to reveal a smoother complexion.


Men’s grooming products in India are growing rapidly and men now want to explore and try the best in the market. Zoivane offers us a range of grooming products which not only offers the perfect cleansing but is also made of natural ingredients. I am now using this face scrub almost 3 times a week and I am not dissapointed at all. Try it out yourself and let me know what do you think. You can buy their products here. Till then stay groomed and I will see you soon :)


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