If I remember clearly, it was the year 2000 and I was in standard 10th. Lot of guys in my class and my school had started hitting the gym and working out. You are young, the hormones are on peak and therefore you could see the results on these guys very easily. They would flaunt it by wearing the fitted shirts and house tees on Fridays. Also thanks to Hrithik Roshan as Kaho na Pyar Hai had released and he took the bicep pumping to another level among the school and college boys. I was not much of an athlete (its not that I am now), and was not even planning of joining the gym too. But when you see all guys talking about the just the gym in lunch breaks you would surely feel left out. And bam, in those short lunch breaks suddenly in between the conversation you are called fat by the new bod boys. I would think, is it really that I have to start gymming now itself?


After such name calling, I would think that i am useless, no girl would ever be interested in me. Well, I was just being a  teenager thinking about all those things which every boy goes through at that stage of his life. School got over, I was still the same, “fat” as people would say. Being a shy kid I wasn’t sure how to enter a gym where all my school friends would be working out. They will surely laugh at me and I wasn’t sure if i was ready to take more humiliation after school too. In such cases you turn to your friends and expect a bit of positivity as they are your friends. But I guess I was unlucky in that area too. Well they were no less when it came to make fun of a round shaped boy. I let the phase pass and just thought may be it will change after the school gets over.


2004 and I join the the most happening college in the city. NIFT is still known for all the trendsetters and the lifestyle these kids have. NIFT surely was an eye opener and I realized that now is the time to think a bit about your body too. And luckily they opened a small gym in the college and I finally took my first step towards the big change. Surprisingly (yes I didn’t think i will ever be able to) I met a girl in 1st semester and we hit it off and the romance started. We both went to gym together and I met my first trainer Mr Yogesh. I still remember what my girl friend told Yogesh Sir, “make his chest like yours”. I wasn’t sure if that would ever happen because he was one huge guy. The journey started and man, he hooked me up. He is a celebrity trainer now and if I ever have to thank anyone for changing my life, he would be the first one.


I started seeing changes in me and I never looked back. It wasn’t that I got my dream physique by just working out in college. I have seen a lot of phases when it comes to gymming. My bulking phase, my lean phase. my only cardio phase and so on. The journey never stops and I am still working on that dream physique. Fort me it’s all about working towards being fit and not just blindly follow what the world does. Every man’s body is different and you need to know what works best for you.


With so many gyms and fitness centers these days, Talwalkars is one place where I have always felt home. With different options from, weight training to cardio to Zorba (Yoga), they offer everything for that perfect body, mind and soul workout. Also being one of the finest gyms in country today, they are offering the My Fitness My Journey offer which is perfect for anyone. This package is worth Rs. 1,25,000 but you can avail the same from Rs. 20,000 (T&C apply). This package includes Zumba, Zorba, Nutrition Counselling, Massages, Reduce and Nuform and lot of other services. Do check this out.

You are never too late to work on yourself. I am still working on myself everyday, physically and mentally to see a better me. With thousands of gyms around and guys flaunting their gym toned bodies on social media, my only message to those who are still working out hard to achieve something is to never stop. Lot of us have body issues, but the best way to get over it is not to just blindly follow what world is doing, but to do what works best for you. Set your goals and work towards it. With determination and hard work you will get it there.

Share your story with me here or on my email id, jatinnjay@gmail.com. I would love to hear from you and would like to know how you have worked to make this journey successful. Till then, focus and have a happy workout.


Shot by Vidit Jain

Location Courtesy- Talwalkar, Ulsoor, Bangalore


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