On Trend- Grey on Grey

Now that summer’s pretty much been and gone and sale rails have been picked over, it’s time to start getting excited for the season to come. Color has slowly evolved in importance for menswear, becoming increasingly important for a market that places such emphasis on elevated and updated basics. Sure, black-and-white combinations are making a strong statement for fall, but we also have our eyes on the hue that comes between them. Restrained and subdued, consider it your wardrobe’s palette cleanser this season.

The color that took over the Fall runways was grey, but it’s not as bleak as you think. The versatile color looks particularly cool in monochromatic schemes and is an easy one to pull off head to toe. Not only is it impossible to find tones that clash, it goes with everything in your closet and makes accessorizing a snap.

So I raided my wardrobe and put together a very simple yet strong look in head to toe grey (black toe though, after all its a shade of it as well). A dinner look or a date look or may be a roof top house party or at work, try it anywhere and the shades will get you all the complements you have been waiting for this fall. (Click on the images to enlarge)

With shades to suit every skin tone, grey’s worth putting at the core of your cold-weather looks. Use it to pull together neutrals like black, beige and grey, or pair it with complementary colours like burgundy and navy. But if you want to look apart then try this head to toe look. With simple details like adding lapel pins to your felt jacket and the studded loafers, this look will put you in the dapper league for sure.

A felt Nehru jacket with formal trousers is a perfect evening look. I paired it with a crisp formal self print small polka dotted shirt and my favorite Koovs studded loafers. To add that x-factor, I included some lapel pins in shades of grey and gold for some color contrast. Add some more color with a colorful watch.

What sets shades of grey apart from black is the depth that mixing and matching can add to an outfit. There is chicness in mixing light greys with darker greys and grey prints. The same cannot be said for black. You never want to mix an ashy black with a black over dye. It can cheapen the “black look.”

The other reason grey is so big this season has to do with the metal quality it has. Mixing greys with silver and even gold is so modern and keeps grey fresh, and not gloomy or sad looking.

So gone are the days when we turn to blacks and whites in neutral shades and make our peace with it. Try grey instead this season. This trend is so easy, and can easily make your wardrobe current. Try this and as always, have fun with fashion!

–Outfit Details–

Jacket- Allen Solly

Shirt- Invictus by Myntra

Trousers- Splash Fashion

Shoes- Koovs

Sunglasses- Ray Ban

Watch- Tommy Hilfiger

Lapel Pins- Amazon and Mumbai Colaba street

Photography- Vidit Jain Clicks

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