Oversized Cardigan

Great fit or tailored style has long been and forever will be the key to flawless fashion. Slim and tailored has become the default fit adopted by the menswear industry in recent years. The sophisticated, continental aesthetic that has defined men’s style of late, particularly in the realm of #menswear, marries well with this streamlined ideal. But with trends like sports luxe and athleisure taking over the runways and streets, we have seen a shift to more comfort and relaxed fit. Joggers taking place of the fitted trousers where hoodies and straight cut long lines taking over the slim cut shirts. Oversized and longline garments are having a moment, in an effort to challenge the style status quo and make a case for the anti-fit.

With such change in the silhouette, one essential takes over every winter and it has been there since a long time. As the winds pick up, we move towards the anti fit jackets to layer us up. Completely practical and fashionable we choose the regular fitted jackets to help us layer better and keeping the style quotient high. Here comes the good old Cardigans. Cardigans can be worn smart-casually and even smartly, as pointed out by every derivative style guide ever.


Regardless of people calling it a granddad’s jacket, pairing it with a v neck tee or a classic white mandarin shirt will instantly feels younger. This chunky, loose-fitting, cosy knit piece will help you keep warm as well as stylish. The contrast helps a lot, like here I wore the blue cardigan with a white shirt is a classic example. Go for neutrals in winters and pair it with primary colors to make a statement. I am keeping it cool with a button down shirt as my city is not that cold, but you can always opt for the right under layer like a turtle neck or a sweater.


When it comes to trousers, experiment a bit with prints and fits. With an oversized cardigan, try to go for a slimmer fit for trousers. No one wants to look like the cast of dumb and dumber, isn’t it? I chose a printed grey and black trouser to keep the tones neutral. your off day outfit to a date outfit, this can be the all occassion outfit for sure.


For shoes and accessories, as I always say keep it simple. Unless your outfit is too dull and needs some color to lift up the look, don’t go for heavy accessories and footwear. Like in this outfit, the neutrals are taking over so I kept the shoes simple as well with the white sneakers but added that needed dash of color with a starking red watch.

When it comes to grooming, a bit of stubble is more subversive than clean-shaven or full-on facial hair; ditto long hair or a tight fade rather than a conservative short back and sides.


So the anti fit trend is not going to appeal everyone, its totally opposite of what I have been always sporting. But there is a charm to this look which can surely add another style to your wardrobe. You can leave the printed trousers if those are too much to carry, try a basic denim instead. So with the temperature dipping, get your style game on a rise. And yes this can be a perfect Christmas outfit too. So enjoy and Merry Christmas :)


Outfit Details:

Cardigan- Mast & Harbour

Shirt and Wrist band- H&M

Trousers- Tailor Made

Watch- G shock

Shoes- Marc Jacobs

Photography- Vidit Jain

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