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Pastel Play

Any man who isn’t completely new to the world of dressing himself knows that the arrival of spring means the arrival of colour and time to learn how to wear pastels. Summer is about embracing the rainbow, and spring is about easing your way into the kaleidoscopic colours of that season with softer shades. Yes, I am talking about pastels. For something that makes a pretty serious statement, pastels can be surprisingly easy to wear. It’s kind of like the fashion equivalent of a choose-your-own-adventure book – you can stay safe and sane, or go as big and bold as you want. The choice is yours.

Pastels, also called chalky colors are a great choice if you wish to add a little color to an outfit, but in a softer, more subtle manner. Even though they are mostly spring colors, pastels can be worn whenever, wherever.From lemon hues to dusty blues, pastel shades are just what you need to help transition your wardrobe from the depths of winter into the warmer months.

From preppy and edgy to sporty or glam, pastel colors can be incorporated in any kind of outfit and can be worn by anyone as a fashion statement.

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What is great about pastels is that they can be worn in almost any setting, at any age and that they go great against almost any skin tone. Pastel colors have a beautiful way of fusing with light skin tones and make dark skin tones shine. The colour pink is a dominant part of this trend, though it takes a sexually confident man to wear it head to toe. This doesn’t mean there aren’t any other colors. I chose something which can be worn without even thinking twice. And what’s better than using some prints in with some chalky shades. It’s no surprise that florals are creeping back in for spring, and you will see lots of print on pastels in the market. This Kart and Kriss shirt is surely acting as the perfect bridge piece between pattern and pastels.

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Pastels go great with other pastels; there is no doubt about that. Wearing two or more chalky colors at the same time will result in a warm, relaxed and welcoming look. All you need to know is how to coordinate colors and you are all set. I tried this trend here with Beige and Mint. Both the colors compliment each other and with a hint of tan accessories it’s perfection. I chose a self designed leather tan bag with some classic brown loafers and a tan watch to complete the look. Wrist bands add a great character to watches and adding some surely is a sign of dapper finishing touches. If you are wearing pastel clothes, you can also pair them with metallic accessories as well. Pastels look great with metals, and you will have a lot to gain, sartorially speaking. Remember that metals are neutrals, which means that they can be worn with each other, I chose a tan leather and metal mixed wrist band to add that rustic metal charm.

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Pastel colors are best to be worn during the day, as they replicate the sunlight, but this does not keep you from wearing them in the evening too. If you are going to a rather formal event though, it is better to keep it more conservative and not wear pastels, as pastels have a light feel to them and are mostly suited for casual or office outfits, as well as for relaxed parties and other casual settings. For a day outfit, as I planned to wear a full pastel look, I added a hint of color with my mirrored sunglasses. This surely lifts the mood of lighter tones and goes perfect for a sunny day.

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Timeless pastel clothes will never go out of style, which makes chalky colors a great investment. Having a few pastel go to pieces will ensure you that you will always be au courant. From soft blues to sorbet pinks, wearing pastels is a great way to offer any look lightness, warmth and elegance. After all summers are here to stay for some time and we need some good shades to add some cool fashion factor to our wardrobe.

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So keep an eye on pastel colors this season and don’t always opt for brightness. As said earlier, pastel colors are versatile and can be used with whatever style you are aiming for, and also gives you more freedom when creating color combinations. So may be this Holi you can try some pastel shades to play with, literally as well :)

Till then, stay stylish, click a lot of Holi selfies and have a safe and colorful Holi!!

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–Outfit Details–

Shirt- Kart and Kriss

Trousers- Zara

Shoes- Steve Madden

Watch- Fossil

Sunglass- Jack and Jones

Bag- Self Designed

Photography- Noah Dyvadheenam

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