Set wet Signature Styles with Aalim Hakim

In today’s world, many men are focusing on the way they look more and more. But there are always so many questions- does the look suit your face? Is this right for this occasion? Does this go with your personality? So to make life a little easier for them to move their styling game beyond the usual, Set Wet has created the Set Wet Signature Styles along with their Chief Style Officer and celebrity hairstylist, Aalim Hakim. The styles were launched in a fun meet-up that was hosted by Aalim for the top male style bloggers of India, in his own studio in Mumbai. And TheStyleDoodler has to be part of it.

Conceptualized by Aalim on Ranveer Singh, brand ambassador of Set Wet, the styles are designed to become part of every guy’s fashion bible. With the Wanderer look for casual, the Spunkster look for party, and the Aviator look for formal, the Set Wet Signature Styles give, easy, quick ways for guys to nail their look for any moment in their lives.  During the meet up, Aalim not only decoded the signature looks he created, but also shared tips on how the haistyles can be customized for different face and hair types. And it didn’t stop there. The Signature Styles also included tips on how to have your outfit and accessories game on point to complete each look.


After each style was demonstrated by Aalim, I even got a shot at trying the looks on my own hair. With the style guru Aalim walking around and giving tips on how to customize each style for hair and face types, I got many tips and hacks on how to make the looks work.

Set Wet is always geared to help guys stay sada sexy. With the Set Wet Signature Styles, they have covered all bases to help guys give a sexy upgrade to their own signature style. These quick, easy hairstyling tips tell them how to look like their most stylist selves in an instant, so that they can focus on being sada sexy whenever they step out of their homes!

Though I will be doing a separate post on how I styled my hair and what looks goes best with it, here I am going to show you what Aalim tried on the model and how the hairstyles turned out to be.

The Wanderer Look

When you are keeping it casual, your hair has to be an effortless expression of yourself. Mould it into a bed head style that is natural to your hair, and it will be the best thing you can do for your look. Inspired from hairstyling trendsetter Neymar Jr., the star of this look is the tousled texture and separation. With no defined grammar, it lets you play with a messy front, back, or sides, and adds a dash of surprise to your everyday look. Just 1 minute, and your hair will be cool, collected, and up for just about anything.


The Spunkster Style

At any social do, your hair is your most noticeable feature in a sea of heads and bodies. So if you are looking to make a good first impression, it needs to do all the talking. This style is a fresh, daring take on a peaked side crop. Styled off the hairline, it is spiked from front to back at a 45 degree angle, adding height and movement at the same time. With the sides kept tight, it has the right amount of geometry to the look. Just 1 minute, and your hair will stay on point all night long.


The Aviator Style

In a formal gathering, your hair is one of your most important accessories. As the craftsman of your hair, it is in your hands to mould it into a style that is understated yet sharp. The key to this hairstyle is the partition, while instantly gives you a serious, controlled look. The sides are kept tight, while the top is left with some movement. As a throwback to Cary Grant’s 1940s sleek side part, it will make you look like the cool guy who can mean business when he has to. Just 1 minute, and your hair will be ready to do the talking for you.


While I tried my hands at my favorite style which was the aviator look and you can see below the before and after, I will be trying all three styles in the next post with details as to how you can wear this hairstyle not just with the hair but with your entire look.




So here are all the bloggers who tried their hand at the set wet event and surely enjoyed it. Keep watching this space where I show you how to rock these hairstyles and what to wear to live upto the mantra “sada sexy raho“. Till then , keep it sexy 😉

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