Skin care routine with Skin lab

Your skin is the first place to show your age. But the products and techniques that keep it young change as the years add up. Whether you’re battling teenage acne or those first crow’s feet, you need the right weapons in your bathroom arsenal. Your skin is like a pension: early investment pays dividends. “The more you take care of your skin now, the better it will look later on”. To avoid an hour in front of the mirror every morning, opt for products which will give you the care from A to Z.

Know your skin and the products which you need to use to keep it healthy and young. But products can’t do their work if you’re smearing them on grubby skin. Men especially produce a lot of oil, or sebum, on account of their testosterone levels. If left to well up, excess oil clogs pores, causing them to appear larger and leading to shininess and spots. Of course, using the wrong product is just as bad as using no product at all, especially with winters coming in, when oily skin types get oilier and dry skin gets drier. So take time to find out your skin type and take the necessary steps.


My skincare routine is basic and if followed every day then you wont really need to worry much about it. These basic steps are the foundation to a healthy skin and if followed since start then you wouldn’t have to worry much about it in future. I was in Goa recently and I carried by Skin Lab products with me which I have been using for some time now. The best part about Skin lab products is that they suit my skin well and can be used in all seasons. With Goa’s humidity and harsh sun, my skin was getting oily and at the same time drying up at the evenings as temperature goes down.

The routine which I followed there was simple.

  1. Starting your day with cleansing the face with a facewash which suits your skin. It clears all your dirt and impurities and gives you a clean base to further use any other products.
  2. I use a scrub afterwards to exfoliate and clear the dead skin and tiny dirt particles. Make sure you don’t use scrub more than twice in a week.
  3. Once you are done with scrubbing for a minute or so, clean your face gently and then apply toner on your face to close all the open pores.
  4. I apply the Skin lab moisturizer after the toner.
  5. Before heading out in sun, I use the day protective cream by Skin lab (sunscreen) to avoid sun tans and burns. SPF 50 is good enough for Indian skin tone.
  6. After coming back from the travel, I used to clean my face again using the face wash and then just moisturize it .
  7. Before sleeping, its always recommended to use a night cream to give all the required nutrients to skin while its in rest state. I used a replenishing night cream by Skin lab.


As you can see its fairly simple to follow these steps and maintain your skin. Just understand your skin and use the products which suits you the best. A lot of hit and trail is always there while testing the products. I have used multiple products on my face to reach to a decision where I know what product and which brand works best for me. The seen products in  this blog are by Skin lab and can be bought from their clinics as well as online. Click the link below to check out their clinics-


I will see you guys soon with more skin related queries and info with skin lab. till then stay happy and keep that skin healthy :)



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