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While we get so busy with our daily routine of work, family and other commitments, we do forget about the most important and largest organ of our body. Our care for other body parts are in place always and we make sure we take good care of it. From proper diets to workouts and making sure we take our vitamins and proteins on time, we sometimes do miss on the largest organ of our body- Skin.

Men do tend to neglect it even though we know how important it is to make sure our skin is properly nourished. For a fact we do have much rougher and sensitive skin than women and therefore the struggle to keep the skin well maintained and young is real. And I am talking about from teenage till 40’s where we really need to put extra efforts so that later years are sorted. As they say, your skin is like a pension. The more you take care of your skin now, the better it will look later on.

With different skin types comes different ways of taking care of it. To work on your skin the first thing anyone has to do is to know your skin. Once you know your type its easy later to just get the right treatment done. Also it’s not just the products and treatments you take, it’s also a lifestyle which needs to be followed. A proper diet, workout and the right amount of liquids to keep the body hydrated.

Now this is something which is part of our daily life and should be followed throughout. The other routines which I am going to talk about is the skin treatment which I have been getting at Dr. Jamuna Pai’s Skin Lab in Bangalore. I have been a regular to their skin clinic and have been getting the basic skin care since last 6-8 months. For me it’s all about trying the product for a good number of months and see how it works for the skin. And now when I have taken this treatments for months, I am confident enough to talk about it.

With my combination skin and lot of travel, I always wanted to try a facial which is not so harsh on my skin and at the same time gives my skin the nourishment it needs to keep it glowing and healthy. The myths about facials in general when it comes to men specially is that they make your skin look completely different in one go. That’s not the case with any of the facials around. A facial is all about giving your skin a break from the daily hectic routine and cleansing it to rejuvenate back to the healthy one.

The treatment I have been getting since a long time now at Skin lab is called the OxyBlast facial. The OxyBlast facial therapy uses the healing and restorative powers of oxygen to heal and nourish tired, stressed out skin. With the help of an advanced handheld oxygen infuser, a potent and effective combination of 99.5% pure oxygen and vitamins is infused into the skin. Followed with their signature facial massage and a brightening mask, my skin will immediately feel nourished and well hydrated.

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This therapy has worked so well on my skin. Not only it takes care of my tanning and dry skin, it also enhances the skin color a bit to make it look younger. This facial is my monthly routine and I make sure not to miss it. I suggest men in their late 20’s and early 30’s should definitely try this at very month specially the ones who travel a lot like me and face the sun almost every hour of the day. After this facial, I make sure I use a good sunscreen before heading out of home and take care of basic routine like skin cleansing before sleeping and have plenty of water.

So this was my very basic skin care routine where I just get one facial by Skin Lab and rest is all some home remedies and regular skin care. In the coming months I will talk about this facial as well as other therapies I will be taking with Skin Lab. So stay tuned and do ask me anything regarding Skin Lab or any skin related issue in the below comments section or on my Instagram. Till then take care and have a happy week ahead.

PS- The images are non edited to give you a better idea of how the therapy is and  what to expect when going for this facial.

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