Something Blue

Valentine’s day is right around the corner and every guy is ready with their check-list. Have you ordered her favorite flowers, also for family and friends? Dinner reservations? Or at least picked a place for drinks? Thought about what to wear? Well, if the answer to the last question is a no, don’t worry- I’ve got your back.

I know Valentine’s day is not a big deal for lot of people (which includes a lot of my closed friends by the way), but for some it’s all about the day you want to express a bit more than every other day. There is no harm in showing some extra love to your special ones on this day, right? It’s not just about the girl you love, it’s also about the best friend who has been with you in your thick and thins. Your family who supports you every day and night. When I think of all my special people, I know I want to keep it simple yet of-course something which is appropriate for every  individual who I am going to spend it with. Be it a dinner date with my girlfriend or a lunch with my family and friends.

The thumb rule while dressing up for valentine’s day is to keep it simple yet stylish. I chose one of the major color which is in focus this year, Indigo. Yes, it’s not all about the red and whites. That’s the one thing who should not touch on this day. Keep away from the red and white and you will help yourself by not looking like a rose bouquet. Don’t neglect the basics like slim dark denim and a navy blazer just because it’s a special occasion. Dress them up while still keeping it rugged with a minimal printed shirt and the Oxfords. Just perfectly blends in whatever you want to do that day.


Like a good pair of jeans, this classic hue goes with everything. Shades of indigo range from royal blue to deep navy. Add a classic shade like indigo to the mix, and you have a tried-and-true combination that will never go out of style. A basic blazer and a well fitted trousers and you are good to go. Now how do you make it look more interesting which makes you the man of the hour? Putting together the right colors with Indigo is the key to perfection. White is something which is classic and goes with Indigo very well. But why not to make it monochrome with shades of blue. While going monochrome, make sure to break the monotony with some prints and that’s what I did while putting a diamond printed shirt underneath.


Adding some relevant accessories with the look will amp up your game. I tried a semi casual watch by Daniel Wellington which added the extra charm to this look. The red and blue strap with a classic dial is a win win in this situation. I tried the red rose lapel pin just to add a bit color to my look. You can always take it off and try a colored pocket square in case you don’t have a similar pin.


A shoe can make or break the look. The perfect shoe is which goes well with your outfit complementing the colors. A brown oxford shoe is a classic and never goes out of style.  You can never go wrong with a blue and brown combo. And my never ending love for the colorful socks made me add some more blue to the look. I kept it same tones again just to keep the monochrome love alive. Also, you can always take off the jacket and make it more simple if you are in a casual setting.


So there you go, a refreshing color with the arrival of spring and your something blue. Get away from the reds and whites and try this for your 2016 valentine. The basic always win and once you try this look, it will surely win a lot of hearts, including your loved one :) It’s time for me to sign off and I wish all the people out there (even those who don’t believe in this day), a very Happy Valentine’s Day. Cheers!


–Outfit Details–

Blazer- Marks and Spencer

Shirt- Poe

Jeans and Shoes- Zara

Sunglass- Koovs

Watch- Daniel Wellington

Socks- Happy Socks

Lapel Pin- Amazon

Photography- Vidit Jain Clicks


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