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Street Kitsch ft Manish Arora by Koovs

Patterns and prints is a little trickier than wearing solids, as when you wear a color or two, you can use the color wheel to see what colors go together well. Prints and patterns however, are a lot of times a combination of colors to begin with; their components have shapes which you need to establish if they go together well or not and so on.

When Koovs announced a collaboration with the the quirky king Manish Arora, every fashionista was eagerly waiting for the collection. With Koovs’s affordable fashion and Manish Arora’s quirk, we all knew it’s going to be something awesome. The collection is full of prints and patterns and is perfect for any kind of occasion. From shirts to vests to bombers to shoes, you have it all in different storied prints. I chose two very colorful products from their “crown and glory” collection. And here is what I did with the two.

1. The Bomber

The bomber jacket is just one of many menswear pieces whose heritage is cemented within the armed forces. Similar to the pea, trench and parka coats, the bomber has a timeless appeal that transcends years, styles and trends; born out of military means and adapted to form part of popular culture.

This timeless quality makes the bomber well worth investing in if you have a penchant for classic, enduring personal style. Traditionally identified by its waist length, knitted waistband/cuffs and front zip closure the bomber has been reinvented and reinvigorated in various forms. With ManishArora by Koovs, we expected some amazing deconstruct for the jacket. Keeping the style simple, the jacket have the printed sleeves which makes it appealing.

Koovs First Look (3)

Keeping in mind the rule of prints and patterns, I kept the look simple. With printed sleeves in multi colors, I played with whites as my base. The whites made the jacket stand out a bit more than usual and makes it a perfect day outfit.

Koovs First Look (1_1)Koovs First Look (20)Koovs First Look (6)

Keep the rest of your outfit simple and let the jacket stand-out as the focal point of the look. A plain white tee and bomber pairing is timelessly cool. Finish off with a pair of slim jeans and some leather sneakers makes it a complete streetstyle look with a hint of Kitsch. Where accessories are concerned, a metallic bracelet and some wayfarers is perfect for bringing some individuality and flamboyance. A somewhat matching blue watch adds the required sparkle. I am wearing the Guess gold and blue Rigor watch which goes almost with every outfit.

Koovs First Look (10)Koovs First Look (14)Koovs First Look (21)Koovs First Look (4_1)

So here is the first look talking about the famous bomber jacket and how I use the simple whites and blues to play around to make it a complete street kitsch look. You can try this anywhere from a Sunday brunch to a night out with friends. As the prints are loud and makes a statement, try wearing it with neutrals mostly and not with any other c

Koovs First Look (19)Koovs First Look (22)Koovs First Look (7)

2. The Vest

With summer now well and truly in top gear, dressing appropriately to combat the rising temperatures is imperative. Yet doing it in style is a task that tests even the most seasoned of dresser. Out of the numerous wardrobe staples available for constructing summer-appropriate outfits, the vest is arguably the most polarising in opinion. Especially as its stock is currently high with some undesirable style tribes and here comes the vest by Manish Arora. We were wearing all sorts of tanks available in market but when you have a vest with prints by Manish Arora, who wouldn’t want to grab that.

Koovs Second Look (17)

The structure of the vest makes it perfect for the heat. Breezy, cooling and loose; the piece is a godsend when tackling temperatures over thirty degrees. When summer strikes, stripping back your style is often the best practice, so forget about intricate layering, heavy materials and the like for the few months of sun we see. Just wear it like this with your favorite pair of trousers or denims. The blazer is undoubtedly this year’s key piece and even though mixing one with a vest is the ultimate formal/casual juxtaposition, it works staggering well. This combination could be used to dress up a casual look in the weeks leading up to summer, at night when temperatures drop or during the transition into autumn.

Koovs Second Look (20)Koovs Second Look (24)Koovs Second Look (2)

Lightweight trousers, in cotton, linen or a blend of the two, should be your first port of call come the seasonal transition. Within this look they cement the smart-casual theme that runs throughout. Sneakers  are a considered and seasonally-appropriate choice. To make it a bit more mix and match kitsch, I chose my Asos striped trousers. Finish off with a rakishly tucked pocket square and, for the complete dandy accompaniment, consider some round frame sunglasses, a leather thong neckpiece and a small brooch to add a bit of shine.

Koovs Second Look (16)Koovs Second Look (25)Koovs Second Look (19)Koovs Second Look (10)

The vest is a piece that will always cause a stir and polarise opinion. Whilst many swear by it come warm weather, others are either not confident enough to wear such a revealing item or consider it sloppy in comparison to t-shirt/polo shirt alternatives. If you are not comfortable wearing it just like that, try it with any sort of jacket but make sure its light in weight and not too heavy for this season. So that was my mix and match kistch streetstyle look for the Koovs key pieces by Manish Arora. Do let me know what will you wear your Manish Arora piece with. Till then stay colorful and stay kitch. Have a happy Weekend :)Koovs Second Look (23)Koovs Second Look (21)Koovs Second Look (15)

–Outfit Details–

Look 1:

Bomber, bracelet, sunglasses- Koovs

Jeans and Shoes – Zara

Shirt- Sisley

Watch- Guess

Look 2:

Vest, neck chain, wristband- Koovs

Blazer and Shoes- Zara

Trousers- Asos

Sunglasses- Lenskart

Watch- Tommy Hilfiger

Photography- Vidit Jain Clicks

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