Summer Suits

Words by- Pushkal Prasad  1-08-2018 

We’re ought to dread the thought of suits and summer being associated with each other — ’cause let’s be real, who wants to wear so much when it’s like a 100 degrees outside, right? But nonetheless, it is something that exists and needs to be addressed. It makes a lot of sense when you come to think of it actually. What is a summer suit, one may ask. First off, suits in general are something that will never go out of style — well, suits and the several reruns of F.R.I.E.N.D.S on Comedy-Central. But, suits have successfully stood the test of time and have only gotten more stylish over the years to achieve that classic status. Secondly suits are timeless and, for a lot of people, need to be worn round the year.

Now, summer suits are relatively different from your average all-season suits. They differ in material, colour, fabric density and the degree of formality. They’re essentially made to be lighter and more breathable on your body, which is perfect for the rising temperatures.

The overall appeal of a summer suit lies in the essence of how well it is made. Usually stitched with light or pastel coloured fabric, these don’t retain heat. The fabrics used for summer suits are breezy and breathable to keep you fresh and cool. Cotton and linen are the most prominent fabrics used in the making of summer suits. Since these fabrics are pretty light, they feel extremely easy on the body, especially when the weather gets unbearably sultry.

432Summer suits can be exceptionally multipurpose. They can be worn to a business meeting, to a regular Thursday at work or if you’re meeting a client at a restaurant. However, not all summer suits might be considered “suitable” for work. For example; a Linen summer suit tends to wrinkle easily making it more appropriate to be worn at a casual or outdoor event as supposed to a corporate workspace. A seersucker or cotton summer suit would be apt for office wear. When it comes to colours, there’s a broad range to choose from. You can pick from the light to medium or pastel tones of blues and greens or if you feel like going bold there’s a choice of browns and burgundy’s. But if you really want to spice it up you can pick a khaki or a camel summer suit as well. Now, if you’re someone who wants to just keep it simple with the colour and stick to a navy blue, then make sure it is patterned. Patterns are a great way to make a darker suit more seasonally appropriate. You can pick any pattern weather its window pane, stripes, check or plaid.


Here, I’m seen wearing a grey cotton summer suit that I have paired with a white motif shirt and the pocket square succeeds in adding that dash of colour to this rather monochromatic look. Taking the look a notch higher are the white loafers which follow a similar colour scheme as the outfit and amps up the look in its entirety. This ensemble works perfectly for more occasions than one.

You can lose the jacket and roll up your sleeves to hit the bar for drinks post work. As a matter of fact, each piece from this outfit is quite versatile and, when paired as separates, can form a completely different yet killer look! But make sure you pair ’em well, ’cause otherwise you’re literally going to kill people in an attempt to look killer 😉


Hope you like the post and would try some suits this summer. Do share your thoughts and images with me if you get inspired by this outfit. Anyway that’s about it for now and like Barney Stinson would say, “Suit up!” or more like “Summer suit up!”

Outfit details:

Suit and Shirt by The Code- Lifestyle Stores

Shoes by- The Alternate

Watch by- Victorinox

Photography by Mahesh Babu

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