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Summer, it’s that time of the year when we sit and look at our wardrobe and wonder what’d new this year. Colors, bold prints, shorts, whites and what else.  Life gets easier when fashion bible for men, GQ (,  comes up with a trend report stating the “it” pieces for men’s this  season. While we all want to explore and try everything from what they chose, I selected five best trends out of this list which you can try, mix and match out of your current wardrobe and still be ready to face the Summer of 2016. So sit back, relax and have a look at these trends while you take sips from your watermelon cooler.

1. The Grey Suit

When it comes to suits, nothing beats the staples. And by staples, we mean black, navy and grey. Navy and black have always had a general popularity for their adaptability, but grey also emerges as a worthy suit colour choice. In fact, grey suits have become more prevalent in street style, their versatility especially appealing to the younger market. For something clean, understated and classic, a great grey suit does the trick. However grey can also be tricky to perfect. Done right grey reads youthful and modern; done wrong it will leave you looking outdated and frumpy. Also, a grey suit is easy to find in yoir wardrobe and its so versatile, you can easily play with it to make it look casual as well as formal.

Grey cottons are recommended and are a great lightweight option. This will allow a lot more comfort and ease when it comes to casual days and will also afford you flexibility when pairing your suits with t-shirts and lightweight shirts. Pair with white trainers for a relaxed look inspired by recent street style trends. In this scorching heat, I paired my grey suit with a sleeveless white vest and my uber cool sneakers.

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2. White Jeans

White jeans is all about getting it right. They are just as appropriate during the colder months as they are in the summer  and can be paired with pretty much everything that’s already in your wardrobe. From navy blues to a printed shirt, mix it up with anything and you will rock it. Another trend you can try with this piece is ‘white out’. You’ve probably spent the last few months wearing black from head to toe. And rightly so – the monochrome trend is going nowhere, and it’s a strong option for guys who like to look sharp without having to think too hard. Trying a full white look with a hint of another neutral colors will straight put you right out of a magazine’s trend report. I chose a white tee with black stripes and my black sneakers.


3. Colored lens sunglasses

Like the perfect hem pinroll or an exceptionally well-knotted tie, choosing the ideal style of sunglasses is one of those subtle details that can take a look from unremarkable to outstanding in an instant.

This season, menswear’s most stylish chose coloured lens sunglasses to lend their looks an extra dimension; sometimes worn in a colour that provided a point of contrast to an understated ensemble, but more often worn in shades that offered tonal accents to the outfit’s core palette.

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4. Red Shirt

For such an unabashedly upfront colour, red can be deceptively difficult to wear. On the one hand, it’s bold and uncomplicated, and true reds will suit almost every skin tone. On the other side of the coin, the raw power of the hue can make potential wearers feel a little squeamish.

After all, red is the colour of passion and overt sensuality; of emotions worn literally and figuratively on the sleeve. It’s also a key colour trend for spring/summer 2016, with rich, vibrant tomato-like tones threaded through many of this season’s key collections. I paired it with my dark grey double breasted suit in a formal attire with some classic black patent slip ons. The color looks perfect without the jacket as well as with the jacket.


5. A printed shirt

Prints are now a firmly established menswear favourite. Every high street store and brand (big or small) is pushing the current pattern trend for all it’s worth – so much so that I don’t think it’s possible to walk down a street without seeing someone wearing prints.

But wearing prints is not something to be taken lightly. Prints are a bold statement, especially on a larger scale, and any kind of second guessing will make you look uncomfortable. The best advice I can give while sporting prints is, just do your game and forget about the rest. Work it the way you want, but make sure you know the rules. Combining prints with pastels always works. I tried two floral printed shirts here pairing both with a pastel color, keeping in mind the summers.

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Photography- Vidit Jain Clicks and Noah Dyvadheenam

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