The Formal Affair ft Lifestyle Stores

In the midst of all the casual and street style apparel in our closet, we all have space for one fine suit. We are very particular about buying a right suit as it’s an investment. An investment? Yes. Because we all know a suit which meets all our expectations like fit, material etc will not be an easy buy. As well as how it feels and how it’s made, how a suit fits is also affected by the amount handed over at the till. These days, high-street stores offer a range of cuts, from spray-on skinny to relaxed, all of which will be based on the average age and style of its customer. With people moving to more sleek and fitted silhouettes, the brands have also started using fabrics which are easy to be tailored to fit your body perfectly.


I believe, a perfect suit should cater to all our important needs. Like a suit should be versatile enough to be worn at a for all setting as well as can be paired for a casual or semi formal occasion. Now a black suits does help in solving all this but we all definitely have one black blazer which helps us in need. What we need is a classic piece which can be easily worn for good number of years and still not get boring. And here I am sporting something which I thinks helps in this dilemma.

This three piece suit by Van Heusen at Lifestyle Stores is an apt fit. From color to fit to the checks, it’s as classy as it is a casual one. Though here i am sporting it for a formal occasion but I can so see the blazer worn with a white basic tee and sneakers for a fancy brunch. Keeping it classic, I wore this three piece suit with tan accessories and a micro printed yellow and blue shirt. The selection of shirt is important to keep the contrast if you wear it as a three piece.


As I said before, the balance of the colors and the accessories makes all the difference. Blue and tan is my favorite combination and to keep in tone if the formal attire I always choose this combo. A classic double monk is a plus. A dash of brighter blue with polka dots just to break the monotony of blues with a slim tie is an add on. A black sun-glass while you step out for a meeting is a must as well.

Grooming surely played an important role as well. Keep your mane sleek and set with the right amount of hair wax/clay. The beard depending on what your work place allows, a bit of stubble never looks bad.


Adding a hint of colors is what makes a look stand out, and as you must have noticed I always add that hint in my attires. Here I tried to play with a little but of red with the help of pocket square and socks. Socks is my favorite accessory to play with when it comes to formals. It can elevate a simple look to another level. A red paisley socks with the monks and checkered trousers shows that you are not afraid to keep it stylish. But of-course it depends on your work profile and you can tone it down with a less brighter sock. I am a sucker for metal watches and you wold never see me not wearing one with a suit or formals.

Also tried taking off the blazer and keep the look more relaxed with just the waistcoat. You can always try the waistcoat and shirt with your classic denims and sneakers for a smart casual look.


Hope you all enjoyed reading about this look. make sure to leave your comments and let me know what you think of this. Till then, keep it stylish :)

Outfit details:

Suit, Shirt and Tie- Van Heusen by Lifestyle Stores

Shoes- Enzo Cardini

Watch- Fossil

Pocket Square- Park Avenue

Sunglasses- Zara

Photography by Vishal Thomas

Location Courtesy- 11 31 Indiranagar

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