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Even for men who live in trainers, there’s a frisson that comes with stepping into ‘proper’ shoes. Particularly when they’re as storied as brogues. Even though I have thousands of pair of shoes (not literally but as per my Mom), I always reach for my trainers first. Yes we all love them sneakers. They are comfy, trendy and with street style taking over every trend, yes they can be worn with anything these days. My style being versatile where I want to try out new different things, shoes plays a pivotal role in how I want to dress everyday. I surely can’t wear brogues everyday, even though they are quite versatile, but I still go for my loafers and sneakers even though I am going for grocery shopping.

Now when you see a trouser which is formal and you can still role it up and wear it on casual occasions, you feel you have hit the jackpot. Believe me it’s an achievement to find a trouser like that. Similarly, i had the same reaction when I was introduced to Cole Haan’s Zerogrand shoe. Weighing in at less than 290 grams each, ZeroGrand is the lightest and most flexible shoe Cole Haan has ever created. Marrying centuries-old broguing details with biomechanics, modern materials and today’s manufacturing methods, Cole Haan has considered every detail in make, mass and motion. Jackpot, isn’t it? 😉


The Hybrid as I call it, I feel it’s just genius to combine two completely distinctive looks together and create something new and fresh out of it. From top it looks like a brogue in classic brown and the bright yellow sole gives you that bad-ass feel. The ZeroGrand arrives in two distinct options: one manufactured with glove leather as the upper, the other reverse full-grain suede. The glove leather upper pieces are bonded to each other using high frequency welding, thus reducing the number of components on the overall shoe. The suede alternative is laser treated to add pinking and add decorative stitch details. A Strobel stitch construction (the upper has been stitched to the insole) offers more strength and flexibility than other techniques. Both are detailed with a functional brogue that is laser cut for ventilation, flexibility, and lightness.

Well this was all about the details of this lightweight genius, here is how I styled my Zerogrand which surely is not any other shoe. The contrast of brown and yellow will make you think twice what to pair this piece with.


Pairing it with shades of blue and the neutrals is the best way to let this shoe take all the limelight. Having such a strong sole color in your shoe can make you think twice before you want to pick your brights from the wardrobe. Therefore the best is to stick to the neutrals and the color which can surely make this shoe work, that is Blue. Wearing my Aeropostle striped shirt layered on the white vest and sky blue trousers, gives the perfect feel of a happy weekend. Sipping some cocktails in this breezy weather and some casual vibes goes well with my Zerogrand shoe.


Teaming the outfit with right accessories is the way to go. The use of browns and reds through the watch , wristband and sunglasses surely add some extra zing of fashion to the outfit. make sure you keep the accessorizing minimal with such shoes. Adding bling or more colors might ruin the whole look.


With this revolutionary shoe now available in India, here are all the good things about this shoe to make your fall more in love with them. Read them all while I take a sip from my favorite drink at Bricklane- Escape Hotel and Spa and enjoy some beautiful view :)

  • Impossibly lightweight design with the appearance of a heavy brogue, yet the lightness of a boat shoe.
  • Extremely flexible sole. Seriously, you can bend this bad boy in half and it will spring back into form. Great for individuals that may spend a lot of time on their feet or have underlying foot ailments.
  • And you never know when you will have to make a run – literally. The soles are definitely sneaker inspired.
  • As the ZeroGrand is not too stuffy, yet not too whimsical, it is a perfect compromise for the gentleman that navigates a creative, business-casual environment.
  • The suede is remarkably supple and smooth – probably the winner of both versions here.


So I will surely be pairing my Zerogrand with some semi formal clothes as well, head to my Insta and keep watching for more (the.style.doodler). Cole haan Zerogrand shoe is available at VR Bengaluru and guess what, it’s sale time. So head to the store this weekend and pamper your feel with extra cushioning and style. I will see you guys soon here. Till then stay stylish :)


–Outfit Details–

Shoes- Cole Haan

Shirt- Aeropostale

Vest- Koovs

Trousers- Zara

Sunglasses- Pataaka

Watch- Timberland

Photography- Vidit Jain Clicks

Location Courtesy- Escape Hotel and Spa

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