The New Dress Shoe ft Monkford

Formals have always been a category where guys don’t like to explore much. Corporate sector anyway has strict dressing code and makes it tough for us to experiment. But with changing times corporates too are changing the rules and are now more flexible in letting guys try something new. With friday dressing concept taking over the offices, everyone has started trying something less formal. Depending upon the seriousness of the event you are going to, you can keep the jacket out of the scene and just be in your trousers and shirt.

In this entire power dressing, the shoes play an important part. And the dress shoes are the one which is most apt for this attire. A dress shoe is anything that’s not a sneaker, boot or any style of footwear that exposes your feet – which means a brogue, a Derby, an Oxford or a monk-strap shoe. For lot of people a dress shoe is also considered as something which you will wear at a dinner ball but these days everyone shows it off at work or any other formal occasion, after all why not to flaunt much more when you have spent a good amount on those.

I tried these super cool and super trendy brogues from Monkford and just cant stop wearing them while I dress up for formal or semi-formal occasions. The color and the leather is just so perfect for a classic brogue yet you can pair it with a less formal ensemble as well. I love wearing formals as you know but I like to keep it little on the semi-formal side as I do not have to attend very formal events or meetings. With these perfect shoes I kept the tone of my clothes very light and simple.


I always felt that a polka dot shirt is a very versatile piece. You wear it with formal trousers for a formal look and you pair it with a vest and jeans and it gives you a stylish casual look. I got this blue and white polka dotted shirt stitched and has worn it in multiple ways. Here I have worn it with my fitted grey trousers and it looks super sleek with these brown brogues. I kept the look very Friday where I pick my coffee and go to work but you can always keep it more formal by adding a solid tie or keeping those buttons closed. With them brown beauties, I got my accessories sorted as well. The brown strap classic gold Daniel Wellington and adding a touch of charm with a  leather wrist band. So go ahead and try out this look and mend it the way you want it to. You can check out the amazing collection of shoes by Monkford here. So I got brogue-d away, you guys check out your style and style it soon. Have a great week ya’ll.


Outfit details:

Shirt and Trouser- Custom made

Shoes- Monkford

Watch- Daniel Wellington

Photography by Vidit Jain



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