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With long weekends comes short trips to nearby holiday destinations or just a stay-cation at the best resorts in the city or outskirts. With short weekend trips comes a great responsibility of packing the best of the lot and most importantly how to travel in style and keep it minimal. You don’t want to  carry a heavy suitcase nor look like a backpacker. Not only do you want to transport your belongings in something stylish, but it needs to stand up to the trials of modern travelling – think lugging it onto trains, throwing it into a car boot or squeezing it into overhead luggage compartments.

Here are some few tips for sh0rt trips and how exactly to travel in style. With Alternate India keeping me fashionable with the best accessories available, here is a travel look which you should try out soon. If not travel, this can easily be a great weekend getaway look as well. Trying out here are the three most stylish pieces from Alternate’s recent collection- a weekend bag, the classic loafers and a faux leather suspender.


You want to travel light when it comes to  weekend trips and there is nothing better than a duffle (or a weekend) bag. Specially this classic, rugged, sturdy and masculine one by Alternate India. Spacious as well as stylish, what else do you want in a weekend bag. One of the best feature of this bag which most of the duffle bags miss these days is a shoe compartment. It saves your time to look for a shoe pouch and then shove them into the bag. For a person like me who takes hours to decide and pack, this shoe compartment is a life saver as well as time.


The color of the bag also is very versatile and can be used with any kind of outfit. I chose a basic white slogan tee and striped linen trousers. I believe in experimenting a bit always with my style. With suspenders comes great responsibility. If done right they can make you look like perfection just right out of GQ magazine and if not then you can easily be part of the Charlie Chaplin clan. They look perfect with crisp fitted shirts and add that touch of elegance and class. But at the same time trying it out with a tee shirt is a different story altogether. I would only recommend you trying them with a tee shirt if you are confident enough to carry them with a well fitted tee shirt.


A great outfit is not complete without the perfect shoes. A classic shoe is always supposed to be worn with a classic outfit. But isn’t it fun to have a bit of fusion. These classic black and tan loafers goes well with this light and breezy outfit and gives a feel of those classic 60’s. Also other accessories like a watch and sunglasses are must. Pack a pair of sunglasses and two watches which goes with an outfit for each day.


So now you have the perfect bag, the right shoes and an interesting accessory to play with, all you need is some refreshing break from the chaos and spend the weekend in style. And those who are home, go ahead and use the weekend on brunching with friends.

Hope you all like this post and take some trips to style yourself for the weekend. If you want to buy these products, click here to visit the Alternate India website and check out their interesting collection. Let me know in comments about your purchases. Till then stay stylish and have a happy weekend :)


Outfit details:

Bag, Suspender and Shoes by The Alternate India

Tee shirt by Zara

Trousers by Mr Button

Watch by Daniel Wellington

Photography by Vidit Jain

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