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Hanging in the core of your wardrobe is the most favorite staple every guy owns. And every stylish or a fashion conscious guy will understand the importance of having a diverse set of Shirts. Yes, Shirts. We all have an array of different shirts with us which we know works best for which season. But when there is chill in the air, the cotton or linen ones will not help. Then comes this breed of shirts which most of us are scared to try out. Denim shirts are surely one of the options for winters but I am not talking about that. This one fabric we will find in our dad’s or granddad’s wardrobe as well. Corduroy surely is not everyone’s favorite. Yes, a lot of men get cords wrong. It’s a fabric loved by those into warm, hardwearing clothes.


But how to get this one right. By choosing the right shirt of course. The corduroy shirt is everything that you think it’s not. It’s not rigid and scratchy – actually, quality corduroy is soft and in the same fabric family as velveteen and moleskin – nor is it passé. It’s also hard-wearing. So hard-wearing, in fact, that even furniture can be upholstered in corduroy. But don’t let that put you off, take these tips on board and you won’t look like a walking ottoman. Make it street style and not a classic  one. Styling it in more relaxed manner will help the fabric stand out and not look like an old man’s choice. Here I am trying a printed one from Lifestyle Stores and a look to try out in mid winters.


The raised rib (aka ‘wale’) that makes corduroy what it is can be found in an array of widths, but it’s best to go for a fine, pliable rib (known as needlecord or pincord) if you’re looking for a subtle way of introducing the fabric to your daily getups. Corduroy also tends to look best in earthy neutrals such as beige, brown and navy, or warmer autumnal colourways like brick red, mustard, and olive green, due to its outdoorsy roots. Here I opted for an aztec printed navy and white shirt and paired it casually with a black v neck tee shirt and white denims. A denim shirt tied around the waist to give it more casual yet athleisure look.

219121But men stumble with corduroy because it offers so many options. There’s the fit: steer too loose you look like an untenured professor; too slim and you risk starting fires as you walk. Then there’s the wale (the distance between the ridges): too wide looks like you just inherited a country estate and don’t know what to do with it. But pincord looks suspiciously like velvet. So choose the right wale and fit. Wale- not too thin and not too broad and fit- just the right contemporary one and not very slim. As this shirt also works as an outer shirt, this casual fit will help you in later better. Also pairing the right accessories with right colors is important. As the material gives a very outdoor look, go for the rugged suede casual shoes for that edgy look. I opted for the tan ones to add a color breakage.


Developing a seasonal wardrobe is important. Not only does it ensure comfort, it subtly marks you out as a stylish male who cares about the finer details and understands the importance of dressing appropriately.

Like tweed, cord is a traditional heritage material that can bring a touch of country chic and outdoors ruggedness to any ensemble, which in our eyes makes it a modern must-own. So try it out this season, solids or printed, whichever you want to try. Just make sure to choose the right one and style it to the point. So ask me any questions regarding Cord and I will be happy to help. Let me know what you think. Till then keep it cool :)


Outfit Details:

Curduroy Shirt- Forca, Lifestyle Store

Denim Shirt and Jeans- Bossini, Lifestyle Store

Tee Shirt- H&M

Shoes- Zara

Sunglass- Pataaka

Watch- Fossil

Photography by – Vidit Jain





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