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Accompanying your love to fancy salons for their weekend grooming is something which we men can’t get rid of. Long wait at the lobby while your girl gets a pretty makeover and comes out more prettier than ever. We all love it, no complains about that. But wouldn’t it be great if you get the same pamper sessions while she takes her own time at salon? Well no need to think twice, the world’s oldest barber shop is here my friends. I got the chance to experience the Royal treatments by Truefitt & Hill at Indiranagar, Bangalore store. I was quite sure I am going to spoil myself like this every weekend.

Having groomed the Monarchs of Great Britain through nine consecutive reigns, Truefitt & Hill continues the legacy of being the bastion of style. Playing a pivotal role in preparing Britain’s gentry, they are the Royal Warrant holders to H.R.H. The Duke of Edinburgh.

For over two centuries, Truefitt & Hill, the world’s best grooming salon for men has been offering a wide range of services designed to groom gentlemen to perfection. With the barbershop now in India, they brings us their world-renowned personal grooming services along with their personal grooming range for men. Known as a purveyor of the finest quality of traditional English fragrances, shaving requisites and men’s grooming kit, the barbershop offers its exclusive clientèle a new level of luxury service unrivalled anywhere in the world.


We find it an everyday struggle to be well groomed. How many times have we found us being told that our beard is shaggy or we need a chop chop? “Ruggedly handsome” is often confused with unkempt and disheveled. Which, by the way, is almost never attractive.  Grooming is not being clean-shaven or barefaced. There is so much more that goes into being dapper.

It is a fallacy that taking care of oneself, getting a manicure or having a spa-day is feminine or “high-maintenance”.  The erroneousness of this belief is of epic proportions.  You need not spend an hour everyday to look immaculately groomed. An appointment to have your beard trimmed by the most impeccable set of shears and razor, or having your nails trimmed using a sharpened file, or even the occasional eyebrow tweeze, at the seasoned hands of superlative professionals every other week, is more that sufficient.

Enters True Fitt & Hill. I tried their three Royal services. Royal Haircut, Royal Shave and Royal Pedicure (yes this one is very important). From ruggedly handsome to being dapper in few hours, here is the journey of the same.


  1. The Royal Haircut

The Royal Haircut includes a haircut and a head massage with a wash. From examining what your hair type is, to getting the right cut for your face, I got it all from their stylist- Vinay. The service was impeccable and flawless. Started from a hairwash to trimming the sides to cutting your hair, the service took an hour to complete and followed by a head massage. You can also go for a Classic haircut which doesn’t include the massage and is cheaper than the Royal one. For setting the hair I used their CAR cream which was good enough to hold my hair the way I like it.


    2. The Royal Shave 

The Royal shave included multiple steps from trimming the beard to shaping it the right way followed by a towel steam, face massage and then finally the shaving part. After the shave is done, there is another steam towel to open your pores and a face massage in the end. At last, a cold towel wrap to close the pores with their famous after shave lotion. The end result gives you a healthier smooth skin with a perfectly shaped stubble/beard you are looking for.


    3. The Royal Pedicure

We men always find manicure sand pedicures to be feminine and have tried to stay away from it. We all have experienced eye brows raising if we say I just got a manicure. Well there is nothing wrong in keeping your finger and toe nails neat and clean. And women surely want their men to keep it trimmed and clean just like our beard and hair. Keeping it Royal as usual, the service is just like every other pedicure but with some extra treatments. Love the mask at the end of the service which keeps your feet fresh and soft, followed by a heavenly massage. PS- mind the hairy legs 😀


Truefitt & Hill, India is the embodiment of the male grooming experience. The über lavish institution for male grooming has the answers to all your grooming requirements. Truefitt & Hill gives you an unparalleled series of treatments and offers you a plethora of options to choose from. So if it is that unkempt beard, your shaggy mane, that ghastly unibrow or those vile, misshapen nails, Truefitt and Hill gives you the phenomenal and requisite treatments they are in dire need of.


So there it is, my experience with True Fitt & Hill. It’s surely a barber shop which you would love to go back again and again. They also have amazing range of grooming products from shaving creams to razors to perfumes and everything a guy should have in their grooming kit. Visit them at their Indiranagar store and soon opening at Lavelle road as well. Till then enjoy the weekend grooming yourself and now you know where to head for perfect pampering :)

–Outfit Details–

Shirt- Asos

Trousers- Mr Button

Shoes- Zara

Watch- French Connection

Photography- Vidit Jain Clicks

Location Courtesy- True Fitt and Hills, Indiranagar, Bangalore

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