Ustraa By Happily Unmaried – Review

Not tested on animals. only on rascals. Well I am a rascal now (as Ustraa call their customers). When I first saw Ustraa products, the first thing caught my eye is the packaging. As a visual and graphics designer, packaging of a product is definitely something which makes you pick it out of the shelf among some thousand other products. And Happily Unmarried definitely nailed that part.


Some months back they launched a range of men’s grooming products and I made sure I order at least 2-3 products and check it out. The other interesting factor is the unique flavours. Let’s start with the products I picked and let me take you through my experience with these 2 products.


The Body Wash


A sexily named body wash “Bad ass sexy”, who wouldn’t want to pick it up? I reached out to this one because of the flavours. Badass Sexy flavor contains Cinnamon essential oil which shrinks and pulls the skin, making it tight and firm. Well, they are somewhat right. There have been theories of home remedies about cinnamon and it does makes your skin glow and keep it refreshingly tight. This one instantly became my favorite and I am sure gonna try it again (after I try all the flavours). On the pricing side, I feel they have priced the products perfectly. Pocket friendly and some good looking tins in that washroom doesn’t hurt.

The Face Wash


Brain Freeze, as the name suggests this one actually has some pretty cool stuff in it. The best part- it’s a jelly in a jar. Brain Freeze flavor contains Spearmint and Basil which gives your skin a younger and fresher appearance. I am not sure about the younger part, but it does leave you with some really fresh and cool feel. It’s perfect for rejuvenation after a tiring day. Just take some peppermint jelly and apply on your face.


Also Ustraa claims that all their products are natural and 100% SLS & Parabens free. You can always read about these chemicals on their website. It’s great to have some fresh men’s grooming products and that too chemical free. Because hey, we men do need some natural things for our tough face as well.


They also have products like hair wax, shaving cream, after shave balm and the most interesting mooch and beard tonic and beard wash. I am surely going to order these two take care of the whatever beard I am trying to grow for this Movember.

I hope you guys will surely order Ustraa products. Try them and I am sure you will fall in love with their products. If not the product, you will surely love the tins 😀

You can buy Ustraa products from their website here

Stay tuned for more reviews on some of the most manly products out there, till then Stay Stylish and keep the grooming on!!

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