Workwear Decoded ft ted baker

Dressing inappropriately is the worst thing you can do on a Monday. We all kind of not love the feeling of getting up on a Monday morning and head to work but still we don’t have a choice. And the best way to overcome the Monday blues is to dress smart and kick some ass. Menswear is often built around rigid rules and strict codes, nowhere more so than evening wear – but what if you fancy switching things up now and again by adding a dose of personality to your formal looks? And it’s also not required to wear a suit to look your dapper best. There are ways how you can incorporate some style in your formals yet not following the rules which are stated in old diaries.

Looking for the best combinations with your shirt and trousers is the main thing you need to do. yes the blues and whites are all out there and we have to go with them, but there are other basic and neutral shades which can be played around with some different yet classic combinations.

Here I chose a black classic slim fit shirt from Ted baker’s SS18 collection and paired it with a unique pale pink trousers. Yes I know not everyone would be able to go with this combination, but have you tried it at least to see what happens? What if your workplace really is looking for a refreshing change and this is what gets the best out of you and your work? I know I am jumping the guns here but still, a bit of color never hurts anyone’s eyes.


Now let’s talk about pink. yes, its still a taboo. And i am not even kidding. There are still some men who will judge a pink shirt just because it’s a lighter, more metropolitan in nature? But still some do accept it and wear it with all the confidence. The notion of men in pink has oscillated in and out of acceptance over the last century. In the shape of a pink Oxford shirt, it’s become a prep staple, ideally paired with white or off-white trousers to make it pop. For fans of the blazer and pocket square, it’s a summer look seemingly impervious to trends.

And on top of that, i am giving you a much more starking addition of this shade, the work bag. Yes its too is a shade of pink and not an easy accessory to carry. Therefore I dont really tell everyone to carry it. It’s all about your comfort factor and if you can actually see yourself carry this. You can always go for a black bag to complete this look.


And the other accessories also have to be taken care. The bag definitely is your choice (though I still suggest you can go for this one when wearing more neutral colors so that the only impactful element is this bag). The use of black shoes definitely is the right choice and a this new gold watch is definitely my favorite these days. It also compliments the pink and black. Add some beads or metal wrist bands just to make it more fun.

Hope on this note you guys will have an awesome Monday and on’t shy away from trying a new combination. Have a good one you all :


Outfit details:

Shirt, trouser and bag by- Ted baker from The Collective Store

Shoes by- The Alternate

Watch by- Victorinox

All Accessories by Bebajrang

Sunglass by Opium

Photography by Vidit Jain

Location- Church street Social

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