Yours In-Formally,

And finally the day we wait for whole week. The weekend. And what’s better then going out with friends for a beer or a brunch.
So, we go like this. Open the wardrobe. Reach for that pair of comfortable jeans or those printed shorts, a tee and we are ready to go.

Wait. Why?

We don’t like to experiment when it comes to pick up an outfit for a regular occasion like a brunch or just for some caffeine rush. So lets change it a bit and give you something which you might like to try this weekend.

It’s Sunday tomorrow, so let’s open that wardrobe one more time and not look at the same old shorts and do something new.

Here is what I am suggesting. That formal trouser. Yes, you heard it right 😉


You will find a lot of new fits and patterns in the formal trousers. The catch is to buy the one which fits you perfect. Not too tight, not too lo0se. We tend to buy some really fitted formal trousers which does not suit every body type, so choose wisely. Its really important :)

Once you select the right fit, opt for a bright or a pastel shade trouser as well. And of course your basic neutrals (black, brown and grey). The lighter colors makes it easier to pair with some pastel shade shirts.



So next time you ignore the formal trousers, think of so many things you can do with it.

Here are some more tips.

  • Try it with a polo tee shirt and the loafers.
  • The classic half sleeve white shirt with tan color mandals.
  • A crew or v neck solid tee and those yummy bright espadrilles.

And that’s a wrap for today. Let’s try some more interesting styles next time.

Oh yes, here it’s me signing off as Batman 😀



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